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30+Years of


Our company was established in 1985 and entered the bicycle industry in 1992.
We started to engage in design, R&D, manufacturing and marketing of electric bicycle parts and components in 1997.
In 2010 "Star Union" was set up as an independent High-End business division with specialized teams for research, marketing and production.
We put an optimized system in place to provide first-class brands with premium services that we base on the standards set by the American and European markets.

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Why choose us
Adhering to the brand mission of bringing home five-star hotel life, Simple and modern, with a comfortable and natural overall feel, Satisfying the low-key luxury advocated by modern people, "I want to be close to nature, but also pay attention to the need for simplicity and environmental protection."
Health insurance
Made of selected cotton yarn and made of smooth fabric, pure natural raw materials
Simple and chic design
Convey sincerity with a minimalist style to every customer over the world
OEM/ODM Service
Made of selected cotton yarn and made of smooth fabric, pure natural raw materials
Using only natural raw materials to manufacture products that are beneficial to... environment and human body
Excellent Technology
Always adhere to adopting our own proprietary technology in core technology...
After-sale service
We have a complete after-sales service system, so you can purchase with confidence
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Hot Products
Ebike Lcd Display Everything is just right, and the brightness improved,... read more
Electric Bicycle Display

Everything is just...

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E Bike Headlight

Rated voltage: 36-48V
Rated power: 12V/36-48V...

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Small Mid Drive Motor

Rated Voltage(DCV): 36 V
Rated Power(W): 250 W...

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